Visit Port of Oakland

Comfort Inn and Suites Oakland Airport is located just six miles from the Port of Oakland, one of the busiest container ports in the United States and worth a visit during your stay.  First established in 1927, the port includes the Port of Oakland Seaport, Oakland International Airport, several parks, and multiple commercial real estate locations. 

Port of Oakland Rich in History

The Seaport

The Port of Oakland history has seen the Civil War, the Industrial Revolution, two World Wars, and America’s coming of age as a global power. In the late 1960s, it was the first major port on the West Coast to build terminals for container ships. The Port has maintained its prominence in the shipping industry thanks to strong leadership and constant innovation.

The Airport

Oakland Municipal Airport, constructed in 1927, is best known as the departure point for Amelia Earhart on her fateful round-the-world flight in 1937. Five years later, the Airport became a staging center for U.S. forces in the Pacific Theatre during WWII. In 1962 completion of the International Airport (OAK) complex brought in the era of the jetliner. Today the airport welcomes nearly 10 million passengers annually.

Commercial Real Estate (CRD)

Jack London's favorite saloon, Heinhold's First & Last Chance, still stands today at Jack London Square, adjacent to a portion of his 1898 Yukon cabin which was moved to Oakland in 1969. Today, this one-room bar anchors Jack London Square (JLS), one of the most robust waterfront development properties in the U.S. Currently, a thriving community is emerging with the addition of homes, hotels, offices, shops, restaurants, parks and industrial flex/research projects. 

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