Our Hotel Near Oakland Coliseum

The Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum, most often called the Oakland Coliseum, is a multi-purpose facility that is home to several major sports teams, including Oakland Athletics and the Oakland Raiders. Comfort Inn and Suites Oakland Airport is your hotel near oakland baseball stadium conveniently located just over one mile away.

About the Oakland Coliseum

First built in the 1960’s, the Coliseum was seen as a crucial move towards the city of Oakland being recognized as metropolitan city in its own right and moving out from the shadow of neighboring San Francisco. The original stadium cost $25 million dollars and featured an open grandstand stadium and an indoor arena with an exhibition space between the two.

Today, the Coliseum is home to Oakland Athletics baseball team, Oakland Raiders football team, and the Golden State Warriors basketball team. The facility also accommodates major musical acts and other events such as WWE.

Oakland Athletics (MBA)

Since 1968, the MLB team the Oakland Raiders has called the Oakland Coliseum home. Despite continued controversy due to an aging building and difficulties in football to baseball conversions, the team will remain at the Coliseum until at least 2024.

Oakland Raiders (NFL)

In September of 1966, the Oakland Raiders took the field in the Oakland Coliseum for the first time. Today, the stadium hosts nearly 60,000 football fans each Sunday during NFL football season.

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